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Your position: Home > News > Industry News > Ukraine will hold its first public PV bidding event in 2020

Ukraine will hold its first public PV bidding event in 2020

the Internet 2019-04-25 14:28:10
In the past week, the Ukrainian Photovoltaic Exhibition (CISOLAR) will once again bring together the vision of the global PV industry. As the largest photovoltaic exhibition in Eastern Europe, the 2019 Ukrainian World Photovoltaic Exhibition attracted Chinese PV companies including Longji, Jinneng, Suntech and Yingweiteng to participate in the trend of Chinese PV companies collectively expanding overseas shopping malls.

It is understood thatUkraineThe first time to expose the PV bidding activities will be held in 2020. This PV exhibition will be the first station for many companies to enter the Ukrainian PV market. Hanwha, Hewang and other enterprises are the first to appear in the Ukrainian PV market.


In 2020, Ukraine will auction photovoltaic projects with a capacity exceeding 10MW. The second round of auctions will be carried out in 2021-2022, targeting 5MW solar projects and 10MW wind energy projects. The third round will be carried out in 2023 for photovoltaic projects with a capacity of more than 1MW and wind energy projects with a capacity of more than 3MW. The maximum price for each auction is set to the on-grid price corresponding to the auction period.

According to the UAR data, Ukraine's annual solar radiation can reach 800-1450 W/m2, which has great potential for development in the world PV market. At present, the cumulative installed capacity of photovoltaic power generation in Ukraine is about 1.33GW, of which small roofPhotovoltaic project121MW. In 2018, Ukraine added 645.6MW of solar photovoltaic power generation capacity and built 163 new photovoltaic power plants, setting a new record.

In addition to the growing demand for power, high on-grid tariffs are also a big push for local PV. In 2017-2019, the on-grid tariff for Ukrainian grid-connected PV projects was 0.1502 Euro/kWh (approximately 1.1339 RMB/kWh). However, the Ukrainian government is planning to replace the FIT subsidy policy with a PV bidding mechanism. The time limit for this approach has not yet been provided. It is estimated that the bidding mechanism will play a role starting from 2020.


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Uncertainty in the high-speed development of photovoltaics

Since the war with the pro-Russian splits in Donbas in early 2014 and the annexation of Crimea to Russia, Russia confiscated a total of 400 MW of photovoltaic power plants in the Crimean peninsula. The Ukrainian government believes that it is necessary to be independent of the dynamic dependence of Russia and natural gas, and to carry out renewable power.

In 2017, Ukraine developed a “power strategy” that determined to increase the share of renewable power in the power structure from 4% to 25% by 2035. In that year, Ukraine and China signed an economic and trade cooperation agreement in the field of renewable power, and plans to carry out joint investment projects with China to build a factory that produces renewable power equipment and materials.

According to Longji Leye, customs export data shows that China has become the country that supplies the most PV modules to Ukraine. In 2018, the total number of PV modules exported to Ukraine reached 1700.12MW, and Ukraine became the top ten in China for the first time.Photovoltaic moduleExport mall.

According to the Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine, in 2019, Ukraine has entered the stage of modifying the pricing mechanism for renewable power. At present, the Ukrainian parliament is promoting the draft FIT policy to gradually transition to the PV bidding mechanism. The passage of this legislation will inevitably lead to a decline in electricity prices, and Ukraine may re-take the path of a sharp decline in photovoltaic installed capacity after the introduction of the bidding mechanism in Germany.

In addition, in February 2019, Kness Group, a Ukrainian company, has already started to produce a high-efficiency photovoltaic module factory with a capacity of 200MW. By the end of 2019, the plant capacity will expand to 400MW, and Chinese PV companies will face local production challenges directly.

In 2020, Ukraine will formally enter the stage of PV bidding mechanism from the FIT subsidy policy. In addition, the expansion of photovoltaic capacity in Hong Kong has intensified competition in shopping malls. There is still uncertainty in the high-speed development of Ukrainian PV.


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