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Turkey cancels 1 GW of solar tender

  • Source:the Internet
  • Release on:2019-01-15
A sudden statement issued yesterday by the official Turkish magazine showed that the government has cancelled the tender for the deployment of a new 1 GW solar power project to be held on January 29.

Ankara did not explain the cancellation, which plans to build large solar projects in three regions.

ErenEngur, CEO of Turkish solar consulting firm IcarusEnerji, said: "At present, the government is rebuilding the details of this 1GW tender and will be re-released this year." "Another YEKA-3, each 20-30 MW, a total of 1 Jiva, also underway, refers to the third round of renewable energy tenders under the Green Energy Policy of the Turkey Renewable Energy Zone Project (YEKA).

Engur said that Turkish solar groups, including government agencies, are working to simplify the application and incentives for rooftop solar systems below 10 kW, and the new rules are expected to drive the market quickly. “We are still doing a lot of work on incorporating solar storage into these new tenders,” he added.

Unlicensed small PV projects dominate

The postponement of procurement will be divided into three locations: Sanliurfa-Viransehir in southeastern Turkey, which will deploy 500 MW; the Hatay-Erzin plant in the same area for 200 MW projects; Nigde- in central Anatolia The Bor location is expected to have 300 megawatts of solar and 30 megawatts/90 megawatt hours (AC) of lithium-ion battery storage. The highest price set by the Turkish government for tenders is $0.065/kWh.

Local content requirements are embedded in the tender, and 60% of the components must come from domestic manufacturers. The selected project will receive a PPA of 15 years.

So far, only about 63 megawatts of licensed large projects built under the country's auction plan, PEKA has been registered by the state-owned grid operator TEIAŞ. As of the end of November, most of the registered 5 GW of solar capacity came from projects that did not exceed 1 MW without permission.

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