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The first solar storage project in the US state of Iowa is online

  • Source:the Internet
  • Release on:2019-01-10
Recently, the Maharishi Management University in Fairfield, Iowa, completed and launched a new solar power plant in mid-December. The device designed and installed by Ideal Energy is the first such system developed in Iowa.

The unit features single axis tracking and vanadium flow battery storage. The 1.1MW EXTracker NX Horizon single-axis tracking array uses motor and predictive algorithms to rotate solar panels throughout the day, following the solar path, producing 15% more energy per year than a fixed-tilt array of similar size.

The project also includes a 1.05 MWh battery energy storage system that works with photovoltaic energy to cut energy costs through peak shaving. The NX Flow Avalon battery is used in the field.

The university's new solar and energy storage power plants, as well as two smaller PV arrays and a small wind turbine, will bring the university's share of renewable energy to 43%. These devices will cover 33% of the total electricity demand on campus.

Iowa State MP said, "One of the more exciting things about this special project is battery storage. This has led us to use solar energy as part of our basic load capacity. If we can not only generate electricity all day, but also store it. It allows us to use solar energy 24 hours a day, which by definition is part of the base load. The launch of this project is really exciting."

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