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The difference between energy storage power station and photovoltaic power station

  • Source:the Internet
  • Release on:2019-01-23

The difference between a storage power station and a photovoltaic power station is that the distributed photovoltaic power station is connected to the grid and connected to the grid. When generating electricity, it can use the excess power to access the Internet. The energy storage power station needs to install an energy storage battery. The energy of the energy storage battery can be released at night when the photovoltaic power station does not generate electricity, so as to achieve the effect of spontaneous use.

The energy storage power station does not only need to install energy storage batteries,Grid inverterAlso need to be replaced and separatedInverterCan be used.

So what is the battery capacity of the energy storage power station? How much do you need?

The energy storage capacity of the energy storage power station is based on the time ratio of the power consumption of the electrical equipment. If you don't care about the time of use, how long it will take. The energy storage battery can be equipped with any capacity, but the voltage should match.

If you want to use the electrical appliances in the facility for a certain period of time, you need to calculate the energy storage capacity separately. It is not a waste of cost to store more energy, and less energy storage can not meet the demand for self-use. All energy storage systems are basically not uniform and can only be calculated separately by using electric power and time combined with local lighting resources.

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