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Space Solar Competition US Exit China Enter

the Internet 2019-03-29 13:59:13
In the 25 years of operations at NASA and the California Institute of Technology's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, John Mankins has come up with many concepts that his research aims to expand the use of solar energy in space.

Solar energy

"If you can significantly reduce the cost of space solar energy, you can occupy most of the international power malls," said Mark Hopkins, director of the National Space Association.

At the beginning of this century, because a security unit of the National Academy of Sciences and the US Department of Defense gave positive comments on this opinion, Mankins, who was supported by the Bush administration and the Congress, was close to turning his opinion into reality. But for various reasons, this research project ended in no end. Therefore, it is undoubtedly exciting when recent news reveals that the idea has been abandoned by NASA before the resurrection of the government. But it is not NASA that supports this opinion, but the Chinese government. My country recently announced that it is estimated that space will be completed in the next ten years.The Sun can generate systemRelevant technical inspections required.
"About 10 years ago, our people began to seriously open their homework in this area. About five years ago, they started to participate in international conferences," Mankins said. "Now, they talk about it more openly. Our country is in this category. Affirmative development has been achieved. Our country is not a pretending gesture. It is a real solution opened up by the country’s key departments and highly respected scientists. Our people have very good technical preparations, and by 2030 they will Can do this."

Hopkins compensated: "One thing that China really excels at is long-term planning. Unlike the United States, China has now considered it for 50 years in this respect. Of course, it is right for our people to do this. When I and NASA operators When talking about work after more than ten years, they just looked up at the ceiling and rolled their eyes. After that, I was never invited to talk about it.

Solar energy

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