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Some problems with photovoltaic power generation - two

I-panda I-Panda 2018-12-22 09:39:37

Do you need to disconnect the photovoltaic system during thunderstorms?
A: Distributed photovoltaic power generation systems are equipped with lightning protection devices, so there is no need to disconnect. For safety insurance, it is recommended to disconnect the circuit breaker switch of the combiner box, cut off the circuit connection with the PV module, and avoid the harm caused by the direct lightning strike that cannot be removed by the lightning protection module. The operation and maintenance personnel should timely detect the performance of the lightning protection module to avoid the harm caused by the failure of the lightning protection module.


Need to clean the photovoltaic power generation system after the snow? How to deal with the PV modules after the winter snow melts and freezes?
A: If there is heavy snow on the components after snowing, it needs to be cleaned. You can use soft objects to push the snow down, taking care not to scratch the glass. The components are load-bearing, but they cannot be stepped on the components, which may cause the components to crack or damage and affect the life of the components. It is generally recommended not to wait for the snow to be too thick and then clean to avoid over-icing.


Can photovoltaic systems resist the hazards of hail?
A: Qualified components in the PV grid-connected system must pass the rigorous test of the maximum static load (wind load, snow load) of 5400pa, the maximum static load (wind load) of the back 2400pa and the hail of 25mm diameter at 23m/s. . Therefore, hail will not cause harm to photovoltaic power generation systems.

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