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Some problems with photovoltaic power generation - one

I-panda I-Panda 2018-12-22 09:36:09

What are the main factors that cause the efficiency and loss of photovoltaic power generation systems?
Answer: The efficiency of photovoltaic power generation system is affected by external influences, including occlusion, ash layer, component attenuation, temperature influence, component matching, MPPT accuracy, inverter efficiency, transformer efficiency, DC and AC line loss, etc. The impact of efficiency is also different. In the early stage of the project, attention should be paid to the optimal design of the system. The project operation process takes certain measures to reduce the impact of dust and other occlusion on the system.


How to reduce the maintenance cost of photovoltaic power generation systems?
A: It is recommended to choose PV products with good reputation and good after-sales service. Qualified products can reduce the incidence of failures, users should strictly abide by the system manual, and regularly check and clean the system.


How to deal with system post-maintenance, how often to maintain it? How to maintain?
A: According to the product supplier's instruction manual, the parts that need to be inspected regularly should be maintained. The main maintenance work of the system is to wipe the components. Generally, the areas with large rainwater do not need to be manually wiped, and the rainy season is about 1 month. In areas with large dustfall, the number of wiping can be increased as appropriate. In areas with large snowfall, heavy snow should be removed in time to avoid affecting the power generation and uneven occlusion caused by snow melting, and timely cleaning the trees or debris of the shielding components.

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