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Solar power photovoltaic products

  • Source:the Internet
  • Release on:2019-01-24

Taking sunlight as energy, it receives solar radiation through solar modules, converts light energy into electrical energy, and continuously charges the battery under the management of the controller. The controller releases the electric energy in the battery according to the set program to the electric equipment. powered by.

Photovoltaic power generation.

In theory, photovoltaic power generation technology can be used in any occasion where power is required, from spacecraft, down to household power, to megawatt power stations, small to toys, and photovoltaic power everywhere. The most basic components of solar photovoltaic power generation are solar cells (sheets), such as monocrystalline silicon, polycrystalline silicon, amorphous silicon and thin film batteries.

Among them, single crystal and polycrystalline batteries have the largest amount, and amorphous batteries are used for some small systems and calculator auxiliary power supplies. The efficiency of the polycrystalline silicon cell is about 16% to 17%, and the efficiency of the single crystal silicon battery is about 18% to 20%. A solar panel consisting of one or more solar cells is referred to as a photovoltaic component. Photovoltaic power generation products are mainly used in three aspects: one is to provide power for non-electrical occasions; the other is solar energy daily electronic products, such as various types of solar chargers, solar street lamps and solar lawns, etc.; This has been widely implemented in developed countries. By 2009, China's grid-connected power generation has not yet begun to be fully promoted. However, part of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games uses photovoltaic power generation systems.


Photovoltaic power generation systems are divided into independent photovoltaic systems and grid-connected photovoltaic systems. 1. Independent photovoltaic power generation is also called off-grid photovoltaic power generation. Mainly by solar modules,ControllerBattery composition, if you want to supply power to the AC load, you need to configure communication.Inverter. Independent photovoltaic power plants include village power supply systems in remote areas, solar household power systems, communication signal power supplies, cathodic protection, solar street lights, and other photovoltaic power generation systems with independent operation.

2. Grid-connected photovoltaic power generation is the direct current that is generated by solar modules directly connected to the public power grid after being converted into AC power that meets the requirements of the mains grid.

It can be divided into grid-connected power generation systems with and without batteries. The grid-connected power generation system with battery has schedulability, can be merged into or out of the grid as needed, and has the function of standby power supply, which can be powered urgently when the power grid is powered off. Photovoltaic grid-connected power generation systems with batteries are often installed in residential buildings; grid-connected power generation systems without batteries do not have the functions of schedulability and backup power, and are generally installed on larger systems. Grid-connected photovoltaic power generation has centralized large-scale grid-connected photovoltaic power plants, which are generally state-level power stations. The main feature is that the power generation can be directly delivered to the power grid, and the power grid can be uniformly deployed to supply power to users. However, such power plants have large investment, long construction period, large floor space, and relatively difficult development. Decentralized small-scale grid-connected photovoltaics, especially photovoltaic building integrated photovoltaic power generation, is the mainstream of grid-connected photovoltaic power generation due to its advantages of small investment, fast construction, small floor space and strong policy support.

working principle

Photovoltaic power generation is a technology that directly converts light energy into electrical energy by utilizing the photovoltaic effect of the semiconductor interface. The key component of this technology is the solar cell. Photovoltaic cells are packaged and protected in series to form a large-area solar cell module, which is combined with a power controller to form a photovoltaic power generation device. The advantage of photovoltaic power generation is that it is less restricted by geography, because the sun shines on the earth; the photovoltaic system also has the advantages of safe and reliable, no noise, low pollution, no need to consume fuel and erecting transmission lines to generate electricity on site and short construction period.

Photovoltaic power generation uses solar cells to convert solar energy directly into electrical energy based on the principle of photovoltaic effect. Whether it is independent use or grid-connected power generation, photovoltaic power generation system is mainly composed of three parts: solar panels (components), controllers and inverters. They are mainly composed of electronic components and do not involve mechanical components. Therefore, photovoltaic power generation equipment Extremely refined, reliable, stable, long life, easy installation and maintenance. In theory, photovoltaic power generation technology can be used in any occasion where power is required, from spacecraft to household power supplies, to megawatt power stations, to toys, and photovoltaic power sources everywhere.

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