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Solar cells will be replaced by organic materials in the future

  • Source:the Internet
  • Release on:2019-03-30
According to foreign reports, Steve Forest, a professor at the University of Michigan who is currently visiting Ben Gurion University in Israel, said that organic materials that are relatively cheap and can improve solar absorption will become a substitute for silicon in the future.Solar energyThe new technology will be more sophisticated in five years.

In his keynote speech entitled "Understanding and Controlling Solar Energy Conversion: The Connection between Nanostructures and Power," he portrays the possibility of using organic materials to make solar panels. He said that lightweight, recyclable plastics will replace heavy, expensive silicon. Unlike bulky silicon, organic materials can produce tens of thousands of square meters per day, and it's as light as you can roll it up like aluminum foil. . Such lightweight organic materials can even be attached to the surface of a building without having to look for huge open spaces to install. This kind of information can be replaced at any time because of its low price.

The biggest problem with this type of data is that the light absorption rate is not as good as the silicon data. Laboratory data shows that the best silicon data has a solar absorption rate of 24%, while organic data is only 12%. The 24% absorption rate can be converted from 16% to 17% energy, and the 12% absorption rate means only 6% conversion rate. However, this data has the potential to reach 21% to 27% light absorption in the laboratory. Professor Forrest predicts that scientists can develop organic data with 10% light absorption rate within two years.Solar batteryProducts with a light absorption rate of 15% in 4 to 5 years will be available.

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