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PV module use precautions

  • Source:the Internet
  • Release on:2019-01-12

The biggest impact of photovoltaic power generation on power generation is our photovoltaic panels. How to maintain photovoltaic panels to ensure stable power generation?

(1)It is strictly forbidden to dry the items on the PV modules.

Photovoltaic modules need to be illuminated to generate electricity. Once covered, not only affecting the amount of power generation, but also causing the PV module to be overheated by the shielded part, shortening the life of the PV module, and in serious cases may cause a fire. It is therefore strictly forbidden to dry any items on the PV modules.

(2)Do not step on the PV module

The battery is cracked after being stepped on

The outer layer of the photovoltaic module is high-strength glass, and the inside is a fragile battery piece. Although the pedaling does not cause visible damage to the naked eye, it may cause cracking of the battery piece. Reduce power generation efficiency and affect life.

Shielding effect

The growth of trees or ground vegetation around the on-site power station will gradually produce occlusion, and small occlusion will also have a great impact on power generation. Therefore, when the trees are found to block the PV modules, they should be removed in time. When designing a power station, it is also necessary to consider whether the surrounding buildings will have new or new buildings that affect the power station.

Cleaning of photovoltaic modules

1. Under normal circumstances, PV modules have good insulation properties and can be safely cleaned.

2. When cleaning, in order to ensure personal safety, please firstInverterThe DC switch is open.

3. When climbing the roof to clean the PV modules, please pay attention to prevent the high altitude from falling.

4. When the power station fails, especially when the DC insulation is faulty, it is strictly forbidden to clean the PV modules.

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