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Your position: Home > News > Industry News > New Deal boosts power station industry chain

New Deal boosts power station industry chain

2018-12-27 10:52:40
Since the release of the "531" New Deal in the middle of the year, China's photovoltaic industry can be said to have experienced a relatively long-term off-season, whether it is photovoltaiccommodityProduction and sales, or the installation of photovoltaic power plants, have different levels of "depression." Lead to price cuts on raw materials, cells and even components
There is no need to say more. However, in this "low", the downstream of the photovoltaic industry - the purchase and sale of photovoltaic power plants, is quietly active, and is mostly initiated by photovoltaic listed companies.

According to incomplete statistics, in the past 18 years, 15 PV listed companies have participated in power plant asset transactions, and the buyer’s body volume has been large. The transaction scale of the relevant power station is 1.39GW, the amount is as high as 9.3 billion, and most of them are after the 531 New Deal.

The reason why large-scale PV listed companies are keen to participate in power plant asset trading, the reason is nothing more than a vertical expansion, improve its own industrial chain; two low-priced buy, occupy a ready-made source of funds.

After the release of the "531" New Deal, the photovoltaic industry is in a downturn, but this is a good opportunity for the photovoltaic industry to survive the fittest. For many large-scale PV listed companies, in the downturn of the industry, in addition to horizontal expansion, it will be carried out in other areas to prevent the “crisis” of the photovoltaic industry.
To expand, it constitutes an industrial chain from raw materials to power stations, which can effectively reduce costs and strengthen the company's viability.

At the same time, has been builtPhotovoltaicPower stations can often receive subsidies, which is equivalent to a cash flow. Although it is delayed, for those large-scale PV companies, their demand for subsidies is not urgent, but they are more concerned about long-term interests.

In addition, the “531” New Deal provides an opportunity for the PV industry to reshuffle the industry. Under the big waves, weak companies are eliminated, but their equipment, sites, raw materials, employees and even power stations can be turned into “nutrition”. "For excellent companies to "absorb" while photovoltaic
As a quality asset, power stations are more likely to be favored. The annexation of excellent assets is a powerful step for photovoltaic companies to stand out and win market competition. This is one of the reasons why large companies are actively involved in PV power plant transactions.

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