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MPPT-RV Solar Controller

ipanda ipanda 2021-04-17 11:17:46
It is already a common thing to install solar panels for RVs to generate electricity. The entire solar power generation system of RVs is composed of photovoltaic modules, solar controllers, batteries and loads.

MPPT working principle (maximum power point tracking)
The output characteristics of photovoltaic arrays have non-linear characteristics, and their output is affected by sunshine intensity, ambient temperature and load conditions.

Under certain sunshine intensity and ambient temperature, the photovoltaic array can work at different output voltages, but only at a certain output voltage value, the output power of the photovoltaic array can reach the maximum value, at this time the working point of the photovoltaic array has reached The highest point of the output power voltage curve is called the maximum power point.

Therefore, in a photovoltaic power generation system, to improve the overall efficiency of the system, an important way is to adjust the working point of the photovoltaic array in real time so that it always works near the maximum power point. This process is called maximum power point tracking.

The sojourner RV has an inch of land and a limited area of solar panels. In addition, the solar panels of RVs are basically installed flat, and there will be a large degree of power loss.

Therefore, for car owners who plan to install solar panels, if they want to maximize the efficiency and value of the entire RV solar system, choosing a good solar controller is a key factor.

Then I-Panda must be your first choice! We have provided you with seven series of MPPT controllers. The products are our advantage. From low power to high power, from suitable for trade to suitable for engineering projects, everything is tailored for you from the perspective of consumers. Have fun with your OEM and ODM.

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