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I-Panda New Series MPPT Solar controller

  • Author:I-PANDA
  • Source:I-PANDA
  • Release on:2016-06-30

This month, our new series I-P-Master Series 80A & 100A mppt solar charge controller has been launched . With 3 years and thousands of research and test, we finally make it and bring it to the public.

If you know I-Panda, then you will know the other designs we have for Smart Series. Like eSMART 15A~40A, SMART1 20A~60A, SMART2 20A~60A. After collecting the demands and suggestions from our clients, we think carefully about all the suggestions, like what will be the most popular demand in the future. So, we begin to develop Master series, high efficiency MPPT Solar charge controller . This is the only one MPPT controller in China with 12v/24v/36v/48v Automatic Recognition and  heatsink cooling. Now it is a good chance to win your own solar market before other competitors. Hope you can seize the chance.

Most customers call this model the best choice for the installer, projects etc, due to the perfect function, easy to install and maintain.

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