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How to clean the solar panels?

I-PANDA I-PANDA 2018-12-29 16:33:52
Today, talk to everyone about how solar panels should be cleaned and maintained.

At present, distributed photovoltaics are basically built on the roof and rarely built on open spaces. The solar photovoltaic panels built on the roof have to experience the wind, sun and rain for many years. It doesn't take long for the surface to be very dirty. If it is dust, it can be washed away by rain, but what if it is an insect body or a bird cockroach and other hard-to-wash obstructions? Let's talk about it next.

If it is clean, use a soft rag or a mop to wipe it with tap water.


1. Before cleaning, you need to turn off the inverter and stop the PV system. It is best to choose to clean in the morning.

2. Avoid the surface of the solar photovoltaic panel being stressed, not stepping on the photovoltaic panel, or placing heavy objects. Because the middle silicon wafer is subject to gravity, it may cause cracks.

3. Avoid cleaning at the peak of power generation. At noon in summer, when the photovoltaic system is operating efficiently, the photovoltaic panel is exposed to the sun and the surface temperature is very high. If it is suddenly wiped with a damp cloth, it will cause internal heat due to the principle of thermal expansion and contraction. The material sends an unrecoverable change or damages the solar panel.

4. Avoid rubbing the surface of the glass with a sharp object. Sharp objects can damage the surface layer and affect the diffusion of light. Affects power generation efficiency.

Pay more attention to the above points. Regular cleaning can effectively increase the power generation of the power station.

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