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Your position: Home > News > Industry News > How does the Laguna Lake floating power station meet typhoons and big waves?

How does the Laguna Lake floating power station meet typhoons and big waves?

the Internet 2019-03-26 17:19:06
The Philippines' first and largest floating photovoltaic test rig in the third largest lake in Southeast Asia is being built. In combination with the spiral piling method, the purpose of the test rig was to show how this skill can withstand a typhoon that is evenly 20 times a year in the area.

Philippine renewable energy developer SunAsia Energy recently completed the first phase of the 20.5kW floating photovoltaic test rig, which is owned by its subsidiary NorteSol Energy. The system uses the components of Trina Solar, the manufacturer of our country. Half of the power station components use aluminum frame components and the other half use frameless components. The second phase will test more components from other manufacturers.

The project is located in Laguna Lake, 55 km south of the commercial area of ​​Makati City. Makati City is located in the northern part of Luzon Island and is part of the metropolis of Manila.

Theresia Capellan, president of SunAsia Energy, indicated to PV Tech that the results of the test channel will be shared at the floating photovoltaic conference in June. “If the test channel shows favorable results, we will upgrade to the utility floating PV project. We are very optimistic about this.”

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Wind and waves

Laguna Lake's natural water resources cover an area of ​​95,000 hectares and span multiple towns. In December last year, NorteSol Energy and the Laguna Lake Development Authority signed an agreement to develop a pilot floating photovoltaic project in the lake and to study the design and operational feasibility, especially during the typhoon season from June to September.

In Laguna Lake, the Philippine company is committed to developing sustainable water resources for climate change mitigation.

According to Karlo Abril, SunAsia Energy project leader, “Laguna Lake has become a battleground for building floating PV projects due to water, wind and waves. Every year, there are 20 storms in the Philippines.”

Abril explained that in Japan and Taiwan, the floating photovoltaic power plants are usually bolted to the water surface to ensure that the power station has stability against strong winds during the typhoon season. In the Philippines, SunAsia Energy uses spiral piling as an anchoring solution to prevent strong storms.

French floating photovoltaic pioneer Ciel et Terre also provided professional advice during the construction of the Laguna Lake project.

SunAsia will conduct a multi-faceted test of the power station, including the components of Trina Solar, as well as the effects of aluminum structures and other materials on the water surface. SunAsia also uses advanced sensors to record weather changes, track wind speeds, flag wave fluctuations, and monitor water quality changes.

Capellan added in a statement, "The experience of Singapore and Vietnam indicates that the biggest advantage of floating PV is the cooling effect on water."

“Water-based solar modules can reduce evaporation, increase oxygen content, and improve the overall water quality of fisheries in the lake in summer. This means that floating PV helps increase the number of fish, and because the colder waters bring more zooplankton, Fish is easier to find and multiply."

SunAsia has established an outstanding reputation in the renewable energy sector in the Philippines. The company has one of the largest utility PV power plants in Toledo, Cebu, and the first microgrid system in San Jose del Monte, Bragan.

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