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Your position: Home > News > Industry News > Global PV installed capacity will reach 111.3GW in 2019

Global PV installed capacity will reach 111.3GW in 2019

the Internet 2019-03-26 17:28:43
In a related forum recently, EnergyTrend analyst Chen Junying pointed out that 2019 global shopping mall demand will reach a new high of 111.3GW, which is 7.7% higher than 2018; the entire supply chain is centralized and the big one is constant, the supply chain price will be The LCOE of all systems is dependent; the production capacity of double-sided products doubles, and the visibility of shopping malls will be added.

Looking back at the shopping malls in 2018, the annual installed capacity reached 103GW, an increase of 4.9% compared with 2017. EnergyTrend predicts that the world will be 2019Photovoltaic installationThe volume will reach 111.3GW, an increase of 7.7% compared to 2018. Looking forward to 2019, China’s share of international shopping malls continues to decline. In 2018, the world's top five shopping malls installed capacity is 44.41GW, China 10.6GW, India 9.3GW, Japan 6.2GW, Australia 4.13GW.

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In terms of polysilicon materials, in the third quarter of 2013, all polysilicon plants have a concentrated trend. The top five global manufacturers include China's five major factories, namely Jiangsu Zhongneng, Sichuan Yongxiang, Xinte, Xinjiang Daquan, and the East. I hope that the top five plants will account for more than 70% of the world's production capacity.

In terms of silicon wafers, monocrystalline silicon wafers became the oligopoly of Longji and Central.

In terms of battery chips, PERC has become a standard in 2018. In 2018, it has accounted for 54% of the capacity of battery cells. This situation will continue to rise in 2019, reaching 73%.

In terms of components, Jingke has been re-elected as the world's leading manufacturer for three consecutive years, and Longji Leye entered the top ten for the first time.

Looking forward to 2019, within the global regional shopping malls, there will be 16 GW-class shopping malls, during which Spain and Arabia are the two major shopping malls worthy of attention in 2019.

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At the beginning of the third quarter of 2018, the production capacity of all the five major silicon materials has been concentrated on the global production capacity of more than 70%. Looking at the global polysilicon production capacity, 70% are produced in China and 30% are overseas. By 2019, there will be three trends in silicon wafers, larger scales, thinning, and square single crystals.

In 2018, PERC became the standard for high-efficiency cells. By 2019, the trend in the mall was toward higher wattages. EnergyTrend predicted that PERC+SE would become the mainstream in the market in 2019.

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In terms of components, the double-sided component skill process is simple, the mass production is difficult, the power generation gain can reach 5~30%, and the cost machine has no added. It has the strongest ability to reduce the cost in high-efficiency components, and is expected to become a mainstream in 2019.

InverterOn the other hand, in 2017, the string type gradually overtook the centralized inverter. From 2018 to 2019, the super large ground power station will be replaced by 1500V.

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