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Danish market overview

the Internet 2018-12-27 11:28:29
Denmark is an energy-poor country with a high degree of external dependence. Once the price of energy products in the international market rises, it is easy to cause energy shortage. For the past 40 years, Denmark has been working to reduce energy consumption. Through years of practical exploration, the performance of Danish heating equipment has been significantly improved.

In 1988, Denmark built the first solar district heating station with a heating area of ​​1,000 square meters, providing heating services to 270 families. Up to now, the ten largest solar district heating projects in Europe are in Denmark. Each project has a solar heat collection area of ​​more than 10,000 square meters, and the largest heat collection area is 33,000 square meters. The large-scale solar district heating project recently built in Denmark has a cross-season heat storage system to increase the energy contribution rate of solar energy in district heating. In the early stages of development, due to the lack of thermal storage systems, the energy contribution rate of solar energy was low, only 2%-5%. With the large-scale application of heat storage technology, the solar energy contribution rate of most solar district heating projects can reach 15%-20%, and the energy contribution rate of some projects solar energy exceeds 50%.

Due to the lack of solar energy resources, the early development of solar photovoltaic in Denmark is slow. In 2012, the Danish government issued a preferential incentive policy for solar photovoltaics, giving the fixed grid price of photovoltaics of 1.7 yuan / kWh, making the Danish solar photovoltaic market in 2012. And rapid growth in 2013. The growth in 2012 was particularly prominent. The cumulative installed capacity jumped from 16MW in 2011 to 376MW in 2012. The annual power generation reached 338Gwh, accounting for 1% of Denmark's electricity consumption and 2.5% of renewable energy. In 2013, the installed capacity of solar photovoltaics in Denmark increased rapidly to 530 MW, and the annual power generation reached 490 Gwh, accounting for 1.4% of the electricity consumption in Denmark and 2.5% of renewable energy.

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