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China's photovoltaic companies guarantee the Miyako Island project in Japan

  • Source:the Internet
  • Release on:2019-03-30
From March to March, a "match" with no suspense in performance was staged in Miyako Island, Okinawa, Japan, but after all, efficient skills and solid quality made the battlefield achieve an amazing "reversal." Whether it is the “baked roast” that has experienced the heat of the summer, or the “baptism” of the storm, it is the first in China.PV companiesThe Miyako Island project, which is being built by Zhengxin Optoelectronics, is still “sudden”. Its high-quality components are convinced by the excellent power generation. The power station owners who have always been proud of “Made in Japan” have made “China’s high-end photovoltaic production” the world. Attention.

Solar photovoltaic

"Competition" with storms and rainsHigh quality componentsStrength wins

The sea is clear and sandy, the scenery is pleasant, the climate is pleasant, and even the winter feels warm as spring... This is the image of most tourists to Okinawa, Japan. However, the local climate is completely different from the case of Fang Zhengxin Optoelectronics, a participant in the Miyakojima project in Okinawa Prefecture.

“Although the average annual temperature of Miyako Island is 23 degrees Celsius, the average humidity is as high as 80% in the rainy season from mid-May to mid-June. From the time of Meimei to September, the local temperature is maintained at a temperature above 30 degrees. In the winter, the minimum temperature drops to between 10 and 15 degrees. What is more challenging is that Miyako Island is almost the 'must-path' of the hurricane, and the hurricane with wind speeds of 40 to 50 m/s is frequently attacked every year. The harsh climate undoubtedly gave us an 'Olysium-level problem', but the belief in the challenge makes us finally overcome difficulties." Zhengxin Optoelectronics project said.

In order to ensure the safe and stable operation of the Miyako Island project, the Zhengxin Optoelectronics project team rushed to the field to conduct a detailed investigation on the topographic conditions, climate environment and lighting resources of the project site, and after extensive discussions with the owners, the tailor-made selection was suitable for the local. s component.

After 4 years of alternating summer and cold weather, the 8400 components installed in the Miyako Island project still supply green clean electricity in an obscure manner, which undoubtedly proves the output power, anti-PID characteristics and weather resistance of Zhengxin Optoelectronics high-quality components. And many other outstanding advantages. Together, Zhengxin's high-efficiency components and Huawei's smart photovoltaic solutions have also made the Miyako Island project a superb show. The intelligent photovoltaic solution adopts IP65 protection to prevent salt spray and sand from entering the equipment, without fuses and natural heat dissipation, and can be protected for 25 years.

After all, Zhengxin Optoelectronics and Huawei's “strength combination” won high recognition from Japanese owners with high-quality photovoltaic power generation solutions. The local owners praised: “When the ambient conditions such as lighting are at their best, this setPhotovoltaic systemPower can reach 94%!"

Solar photovoltaic

China's high-end photovoltaic production quality and innovation is the key

For a long time, Japan's photovoltaic shopping mall is one of the overseas shopping malls that Zhengxin Optoelectronics focuses on. As the first PV company in China that is authorized by Japan to have EPC qualification and is qualified to contract turnkey projects, Zhengxin Optoelectronics has stood proudly in the Japanese shopping mall with its high-end production and innovative skills. The best proof is the MS solar photovoltaic power station that has been in operation for many years in Hamada, Shimane Prefecture, Japan.

The project was developed, constructed and operated by the Zhengxin PowerMax team. Zhengxin Optoelectronics supplied all the PV modules for the project, and Huawei supplied more than 90 patented string inverters. High-quality photovoltaic module products and Huawei's smart inverters join forces.Solar power stationCompared with the same site, the same plan, and 40% of equipment from China's Bintian City Phase I solar power plant project, the average power generation is 9% higher, and the highest power generation per day exceeds 20%. After all, the excellent power generation function has once again confirmed the strong strength of China's high-end photovoltaic production.

With regard to Japan, where land area is limited, the bumps in power generation revenue of project units are particularly important. Li Qian, president of Zhengxin Optoelectronics Marketing, said: "In response to this demand from Japanese shopping malls, we have launched a number of high-performance components such as 12-grating graphene at this year's PV EXPO exhibition in Japan. Compared with conventional components, graphene is highly efficient. The series components have superior conversion power and self-cleaning function. The preparation of graphene coating technology increases the transmittance of the module to 94.3% and the output power of the module increases by 0.5% to 1%, which can bring investment income to customers in Japan and around the world. Maximize."

Regarding the future development, Li Qian said: “Based on the development experience of many overseas projects such as the Hamada MS project in Japan, coupled with the high power generation benefits brought by the leading edge technology represented by graphene, Zhengxin’s smart graphene solution will win more Recognized by Japanese customers. Together, we will bring this smart solution to global markets such as Europe, America, Australia, India, Middle East, Southeast Asia, etc., so that China's high-end PV brands will shine more brilliantly in the global shopping malls."

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