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Can photovoltaic power make money?

the Internet 2019-01-25 09:33:40

PVIt is a technology that directly converts light energy into electrical energy by utilizing the photovoltaic effect of the semiconductor interface. Mainly by solar panels (components),ControllerwithInverterThe three major components of photovoltaic power generation units, commonly known as “photovoltaic power stations”, are a new type of electricity consumption mode that can be used by households, for power generation, and for surplus electricity. The biggest features are: inexhaustible, inexhaustible, clean energy, heat insulation, rain protection, and protection of the floor.

The family installs a photovoltaic power station and uses the unused roof or balcony to use electricity. At the same time, it can also receive electricity price subsidies, and the surplus electricity can make money. It can also be insulated and waterproof, and use space in multiple ways.

The installation of solar power plants on industrial and commercial roofs can further reduce energy consumption and electricity costs and increase the market competitiveness of products.

for example

A residential building has a roof area of ​​100 square meters and a 16 kilowatt photovoltaic power station (about 7 square meters per kilowatt). After installation, the average monthly electricity production is about 1760 degrees, about 21120 degrees per year.

Assuming that you don't use all of your Internet (selling electricity), you will earn about 16,400 yuan a year:


Assuming 50% for own use, 50% for Internet access, the annual income is about 18,100 yuan: