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CCTV reported on the “Garden Umbrella” of the World Expo for PV + Applications

  • Source:the Internet
  • Release on:2019-03-25
The future of photovoltaic +, not only photovoltaic power plants, BIPV, but also a wide range of shopping malls, is a variety of photovoltaic + applications. Photovoltaic + application is to enable photovoltaics to enter thousands of households and play the biggest role of photovoltaics without relying on subsidies.
Today, CCTV reported on the application of this kind of photovoltaic + today. The vast PV people can refer to it and can promote it in their own cities in the future.

Beijing World Garden World Pavilion takes “flower umbrella” as the basic element. 94 “flower umbrellas” consisting of steel columns and cantilevered steel beams are connected to each other at the top petals to form the contour of the world pavilion. It is like a sea of ​​flowers.


In addition to the beauty of the shape, in order to highlight the concept of the Beijing World Expo, 94 "flower umbrellas" have been given more green, technology, and intelligence.

In view of the cold and snowy and icy weather in the Yanqing area, each of the “flower umbrellas” has a snowmelt cable at the top, and the “flower umbrella” column has a rainwater pipeline, with an underground collection tank and 500 cubic meters on the ground. The rainwater collecting well of the meter is connected. In this way, whether it is snow melting or precipitation, it can be collected and stored along the rainwater pipes in the “flower umbrella” for garden irrigation and daily construction.

At the same time, the top of the "flower umbrella" is also equipped with photovoltaics, which can be stored by solar energy during the day to supply power for the nighttime operation.

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