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Your position: Home > News > Industry News > Australian Bureau of Statistics data shows that solar power exceeds hydropower

Australian Bureau of Statistics data shows that solar power exceeds hydropower

the Internet 2019-04-23 11:53:12
in accordance withAustraliaAccording to the Bureau of Statistics (ABS), large-scale PV project development played an important role in the growth of renewable power jobs in Australia between 2017 and 2018.

New data shows that in terms of utilities, solar energyPVExceeding hydropower, it became the second largest renewable power generation in Australia in 2017-2018. The 2,880 jobs created by the utility project accounted for 16% of the total, an increase of 210% over the 930 between 2016 and 2017.

In the meantime, 46% of the roofSolar energyThe proportion has been persisting for decades and is the unrivalled topRenewable powerWays of development. In 2017-2018, this profession had 8,240 employees, which was higher than the 1,720 in 2016-2017.

By December 2018, the developed solar project reached 2 GW, and the roof project has become a rough meal in Queensland and South Australia. In both states, up to 36% and 34% of private homes use rooftop PV, which is higher than 19% in New South Wales and 17% in Victoria.


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Queensland is hit by power responsibility

With the solid status of Australia's PV hot countries, the employment rate has also updated. IRENA statistics show that between 2017 and 2018, Australia's installed capacity has jumped sharply (from 5.9 GW to 9.76 GW). As stated by ABS, large projects are particularly important in Victoria, Queensland and New South Wales.

The Australian Clean Power Commission has shown that in the second of the three states, this momentum is at risk. The Commission indicated that Queensland may apply for a licensed electrician to install, repair or disassemble components through new regulations, which may cause “unnecessary hazards” to the PV profession.

This responsibility was just announced last week and the date of effect is May 13. The CEC believes that this rule is “hurriedly introduced and lacks communication”. For a 100MW power station, 45 electricians are required to be hired, and it is difficult to find so many electricians in the rural environment of the project site.

CEC states, “If there is an electrical safety hazard if the un-grid solar modules are fixed to the frame, then we will be very willing to cooperate.” He added that the existing regulations have ensured that the cable and grounding tests are performed by electricians.

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