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Your position: Home > News > Industry News > PV 2050 global electricity accounting or up to 16%

PV 2050 global electricity accounting or up to 16%

Grace 2014-10-09 20:21:13

PV 2050 global electricity accounting or up to 16%

IEA Director General MariavanderHoeven9 held in Paris on March 29 2014 "Solar Power Roadmap" conference on this were also released "PV Technology Roadmap" and "solar thermal power technology roadmap." Prior to the road map has been published in a small range SolarPaces Congress on September 16, this is the IEA official release of the reports.

As of the end of 2013, the world has installed photovoltaic reach 135GW, the current daily rate of increase is still about 100MW, which is mainly the cost of photovoltaic power generation to benefit from a substantial reduction in the past five years, the rise of the global PV market each and distributed PV significant growth and other factors.

Currently, only 4GW multi-point global solar thermal power installed capacity, mainly due to the competition of low-cost photovoltaic and shale gas to suppress the growth of solar thermal power installed capacity.
MariavanderHoeven also said that "in some warmer countries and regions, cheaper solar power can be used to meet peak demand, so it is easy to get rapid development.

Overall, by 2050, solar power installed capacity will account for 27% of global power generation capacity to become the world's largest source of electricity. Among them will be the development of PV markets in most of the world, from now to 2050, leading PV market development is likely to be China.

IEA expects 2050 global PV will contribute 16% of the electricity, solar thermal power generation accounts for the proportion of the world's electricity will reach 11%.