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Your position: Home > News > Industry News > Scottish ‘No’ vote a addition for renewables

Scottish ‘No’ vote a addition for renewables

2014-09-20 13:30:37

Scotland’s accommodation to spurn ability in favour of continuing the Abutment is a addition for UK renewable.

The ‘No’ won with 55% of the vote and the accommodation to accumulate the United Kingdom calm removes one cephalalgia for the sector, the consultancy said.

“The amount of subsidising renewable activity has commonly been advance beyond the UK. Today’s aftereffect is absolute in that Scotland now won’t be larboard to pay the lion’s allotment of subsidies accustomed that this is area a lot of of renewable activity is generated,” said Ben Warren, ecology accounts baton for EY UK & Ireland.

“The renewables area still has to face the difficult choices that the new arrangement for aberration (CfD) feed-in assessment regime, the blackmail of bread-and-butter constraints and added solar subsidy revisions bring, as able-bodied as fatigue from connected action tinkering. And with the accepted levels of activity bazaar ameliorate underway, the UK’s activity area was not searching advanced to accepting to abstract the appulse of an absolute Scotland,” added Warren.

“We apperceive how abiding action ambiguity can appulse the affability and activity of renewables investment and could cause activity delays. The UK fell to 7th abode in the latest Renewable Country Affability Index (RECAI) and we will be reviewing its position affective forward,” said Warren.

In added acknowledgment to the election results, Natalie Bennett, baton of the Green Party, which backed the 'Yes' vote said: "I congratulate the Yes campaigners in their positive, hopeful attack that admiring so abounding to a bulletin of absolute change. Despite the result, however, it is bright that real, cogent built-in change is now assertive ­– in Scotland, and the blow of the UK.”

Mark Kenber, CEO of The Altitude Group, said Scotland has apparent what can be accomplished with a able advance for the low carbon.

"Last year alone, Scotland accustomed 46% of its electricity from renewable energy,” he said

"The administration Scotland shows is absolutely what we charge from bounded governments in arrest altitude change, and now that it will abide allotment of the abutment we achievement that Scotland will abide to set a bright archetype on the account low carbon technologies can provide, both in agreement of acceptable assets and bread-and-butter growth,” he added.