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Desert photovoltaic industry is expected to achieve output of 7.1 billion

  • Author:Randy
  • Release on:2014-09-20
On a piece of 6.5 acres of land to the southern edge of the Tengger Desert , desert eco-integrated photovoltaic tourism project construction is in full swing. Today, the 2014 national network media Ningxia journalists came to this land of desert for the interview of  photovoltaic industry projects.

Zhongwei desert photovoltaic eco tourism integrated projects into new energy equipment manufacturing, PV, photovoltaic four ecological agriculture and tourism planning area, estimates a total investment of about 20 billion yuan. PV area based land-use planning, photovoltaic power generation capacity of about 1500 MW. After the completion of the project is expected to add grid electricity 2.793 billion degrees, the output value of 7.1 billion yuan. Annual savings of 1.117 million tons of standard coal, 2.785 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions. The main tourist area is 88 m Tower, standing on the tower to watch the Ningxia, Inner Mongolia and Gansu provinces scenery, see the desert, photovoltaic parks and the Yellow River. Tower will be built around 20 villas, 2,000 square meters of clean energy science museum and activity center and other facilities. Solar greenhouse planned eco-agriculture farming, forestry, animal husbandry, fisheries combined depth, planting some high value-added agricultural products.

This development model of the fusion of photovoltaic development, desert control, tourism development  play a leading role model on anti-desert, protect deserts, use deserts.