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China ranked first in renewable energy country attractiveness indices

  • Author:Grace
  • Release on:2014-09-18
China ranked first in renewable energy country attractiveness indices

The report notes that thanks to ambitious targets (especially photovoltaic sector), China back to the top.

Energy future for the countries to attract degree, RECAI on the global market for renewable energy 40 to make a ranking. China for the first time to return to the throne since May 2013, Europe and the United States will continue to "lose position" in menacing emerging markets.

"The Chinese government is committed to addressing environmental pollution, renewable energy, increasing the degree of importance for overseas investors to provide new market opportunities." Ernst & Young's Global Cleantech Director Gil Forer comments.

"The Chinese government has developed an ambitious political goals, and the growing emphasis on the introduction and integration of pilot carbon emissions trading scheme, which all contribute to China's pollution remediation, but also reflects the strategic economic value of the renewable energy sector.

The report concludes that the focus has increasingly turned to democracy finances. For purposes of maintaining high investment to further expand in emerging markets is essential.

"Looking ahead, we believe that advances in technology, policy changes and cost reductions are expected to strengthen the new energy landscape, more areas to promote global affordable, reliable and low-carbon energy development."