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Your position: Home > News > Industry News > Australian Solar Energy Society declare energy storage counterpart

Australian Solar Energy Society declare energy storage counterpart

2014-09-13 11:22:59
The Australian Activity Accumulator Council, a new industry adumbrative physique has been launched for activity accumulator in Australia, backed and co-founded by the Australian Solar Council.

The Australian Activity Accumulator Board was formally launched this morning. The Australian Solar Board will aback the new organisation with assets initially, with solar board administrator John Grimes aswell acting as its head.

"It is important that activity utilities appoint with the activity accumulator area eventually rather than later, said Grimes.

"Too generally the activity area ignores arising technology trends and is blindsided if they are deployed widely. That's why one of the aboriginal things the Activity Accumulator Board will do is to focus on developing standards and protocols for embedding activity accumulator into the activity network."

The alarm for standardisation beyond the activity accumulator industry has been accurate by a advanced cantankerous area of parties, including academics and array manufacturers.

The accumulator board will be a non-profit organisation, paid for by memberships, training activities and from hosting industry events. According to the council, it will seek to affix bounded associates with all-around industry partners.

Tom Werner, arch controlling administrator of SunPower, told PV Tech afresh that the bread-and-butter case for accumulator could aswell bolster the case for accretion renewable activity accommodation in the country. This was admitting abutment for renewable activity at government akin in Australia searching to be on all-a-quiver ground, with prime abbot Tony Abbot acutely sceptical of its benefits. SunPower has launched a pilot programme to install accumulator for residential barter in Australia, in accession to a agnate arrangement in California.

Just as the action ambiance is affective to an unfavourable position in Australia, the economics are accepting favourable to the point area I anticipate there's still a amount hypothesis in Australia that's acutely interesting,Werner said. actuality [Australia] will be a pilot for the blow of the world.

The abounding adaptation of this adventure can be apprehend on PV Tech Storage.

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