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Why does the inverter failure rate of low temperature environment fall in winter?

  • Source:the Internet
  • Release on:2019-01-19

Why is the PV inverter failure rate falling in cold weather? Does the inverter need to hibernate like animals? Below we will talk about the reasons for the low inverter failure;

In fact,InverterIt also works normally in winter, and how much sunlight is, how much power is output.

First, the winter illumination is generally not good, the output rate of the inverter will be low, the inverter will run under low load, and the failure rate will naturally drop.

Second, the ambient temperature is low, operating in a low temperature environment, the reliability of internal components increases, and it is not prone to failure.

Does the inverter have any effect at low temperatures? Don't worry about this, when the inverter is running, when the current flows through the components, the temperature will rise to generate heat to increase the temperature of the inner cavity, and most of the components can work at a low temperature of minus 25 degrees.

Most of the inverter faults are due to heat, so the inverter should be installed in the place where ventilation and heat dissipation. If you want the inverter to have a long service life, try to select the components.High powerInverter, don't go too far to pursue the oversized component inverter ratio, to save this little money, it is not worthwhile.

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