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Your position: Home > News > Industry News > What should I do if the photovoltaic circuit breaker trips?

What should I do if the photovoltaic circuit breaker trips?

the Internet 2019-01-24 10:38:41

inPhotovoltaicIn the system, circuit breaker trips will occur frequently. There are some items. After inspection, there is no DC leakage, and the circuit breakers without the leakage protection function will often trip frequently. What are the reasons?

1. The cause of the current. The selection of the circuit breaker is too small, or the quality is not good.

Judgment basis: Usually does not trip, only when the weather is very good, the photovoltaic system is very powerful before it trips.

Solution: Replace the power circuit breaker or the reliable circuit breaker.

2. The reason for the voltage. The phase voltage of the circuit breaker is too high. When the power of the photovoltaic system is greater than the power used by the load,InverterIncrease the voltage to send power out.

Judgment basis: Use a multimeter to measure the open circuit voltage, exceeding the rated voltage of the circuit breaker.

Solution: Replace the cable with a larger wire diameter and reduce the line impedance.

3. Temperature reasons. The temperature of the circuit breaker is too high, the circuit breaker and the cable are in poor contact, or the contact of the circuit breaker itself is not well contacted, and the internal resistance is large, resulting in an increase in the temperature of the circuit breaker.

Judgment basis: When the circuit breaker is in motion, touch it by hand and feel the temperature is high.

Solution: Rewire or replace the circuit breaker.

4, line or other electrical failure, other electrical equipment leakage, line leakage, such as lightning arrester failure caused by phase-to-phase short circuit, inverter failure caused by excessive harmonic current,

Judgment basis: between the phase lines, the insulation resistance between the phase line and the ground line is low.

Solution: Detect and replace faulty equipment and wires

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