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Your position: Home > News > Industry News > The future of the industry hopes "photovoltaic + transportation"?

The future of the industry hopes "photovoltaic + transportation"?

the Internet 2018-12-20 10:52:04
With the continuous development of the photovoltaic industry, from photovoltaic power plants to photovoltaic fish ponds, and then from photovoltaic curtain walls to photovoltaic backpacks, the application fields of photovoltaic power generation are becoming more and more extensive. In all new modes and new applications, the upsurge of photovoltaics in the transportation field has attracted much attention.

The emergence of photovoltaic power generation can not only transform new energy vehicles into real clean energy vehicles, but also expand the model of “photovoltaic + transportation” to solve the problem of new energy vehicles.

"Photovoltaic + charging pile" guarantees clean power supply

The combination of photovoltaic + charging piles has already been practiced, but it has not been promoted and valued. Since the charging speed is longer than that of the fuel car, a "charged pile cluster" that can satisfy the charging of multiple new energy vehicles at the same time requires a large area. In such a large area, it is possible to build a "photovoltaic carport", which not only ensures the supply of clean energy for charging piles, but also provides shade for the car to be charged, avoiding the danger of rainwater charging.

Photovoltaic roads may break the dilemma of new energy vehicles

At present, photovoltaic roads have been applied in many countries around the world. China's first photovoltaic road was also officially built last year. Although there are still many problems, it is a good start. The design of photovoltaic roads that can charge vehicles on the road may completely break the life cycle of new energy vehicles.

Wireless charging is no longer a new thing. Now there are mobile phones that support wireless charging. Since mobile phones can achieve wireless charging, new energy vehicles should also be able to. For new energy vehicles, if you can get power replenishment while driving, then life will no longer be a problem. As long as this idea can be successful, the future new energy vehicles can travel across provinces and even across borders.

In addition, small PV systems can be loaded on the roof to replenish electric power to the car.

In summary, whether for the photovoltaic industry or for the new energy automotive industry, the future development of “photovoltaic + transportation” is an opportunity, or will bring about industry changes.

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