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The business circle war has already begun in March, let’s enjoy it together.

I-panda I-PANDA 2016-03-11 15:47:12

The business circle war held by Alibaba has already begun in March. It is a competition among many groups which is made up by more than 10 companies. The group our company belongs to is called “The Dreamers Club”.  And the group of our opponent is called “Eagles”. So far, the competition is in the full swing.



The goals of our competition are as follows:

1.     To challenge and improve ourselves, and to show the stronger ourselves to the whole world.

2.     To check the enterprises' ability of market service and promote the team cohesiveness.

3.     To meet the needs of our clients and have a nice cooperation with them in 2016.

The performance objectives of our company this month is 1530,000 USD.

IMG_4320 IMG_4318

The special offers you can get in March are as follows:

1.      You will enjoy 10% off towards Smart 1 60A and Smart 2 60A controller.

2.      All the inverters will enjoy 2% off.

3.      When the amount of your order reach up to 50,000 USD, you will get our VIP price and also another 2% off.

4.      Our new product, 100A controller which has been researched for 2 years will begin to sell this month. Only 100 pieces with the best price are avaliable.

Dear customer, we need your support to help us win the competition. Let’s enjoy it together. You will never get this price again if you miss it now. Come on and support us, you will find it worth of trying.