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Thanksgiving, moving and expecting

  • Author:I-PANDA
  • Source:Promotion Department
  • Release on:2016-04-15

Filled with expectation, happiness and excitement, we attended summery conference of March Alibaba Circle Ware, we deeply felt every hero with joy.

After summery, presenting the award is the most exciting moment. But it is a very hard moment to look at other people and other companies won the prize but no us. Finally host saying: this is a team that never fear hard, supported each other,  sworn to achieve target, insisted until final moment, and finished 165% sale target, they are I-Panda, congratulate I-Panda win the first prize and win King Team. We feel relieved, we become crazy, we crying.....

This month we got too much and deeply moved by our clients, they give us big support and encouragement, many regular clients placed their order in advance, even have client who economic sanctioned to find way to make payment through third-party, the most moving is that in the evening of last day one client who lived in Chian went to automatic bank to make payment.

After Alibaba Circle War we got the idea of client first, win-win together, and let me realized the importance of good product quality and good service, there are developing road only meet society and clients demand.

Finally, thanks our clients again, we certainly will continue to surpass ourselves to thanks for clients support, at the meantime continue to regards drive energy industry developing and creating as our mission.