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Your position: Home > News > Industry News > Photovoltaic New Deal is expected to be announced this month

Photovoltaic New Deal is expected to be announced this month

the Internet 2019-04-02 17:59:25

When it comes to April, the new PV policy, which should have been released at the end of last year, has still not been issued. Recently, some people familiar with the matter said that after several rounds of seeking a foresight and professional discussion, the new policies related to PV on-grid tariffs and photovoltaic power generation management measures in 2019 have basically taken shape and are expected to be implemented within this month. Photovoltaic expert Wang Shujuan indicated that it is estimated that the PV poverty alleviation and household PV prices will remain unchanged throughout the year. Concentrated power stations and other distributed projects may bid on the benchmark price. The benchmark electricity price may be 1 cent per quarter. The frequency drops quarter by quarter.

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According to informed sources, the relevant guidelines are currently in the process, and it is estimated that the electricity price policy will be first out, and then management measures may be followed.

Prior to this, the relevant departments have convened a number of forums on this year's PV price policy to seek industry advice, the most recent one was on March 19. It is reported that the electricity price plan reviewed in this meeting seeks a certain amount of discrepancies compared with the plan energy revealed at the symposium on February 18, which is mainly reflected in the form of subsidy. And because the enterprises have more opinions, the focus is mainly on the amount of the total subsidy funds and the subsidy problem of the stock power station.Photovoltaic new dealThe timing of the introduction was also delayed.

“The price department has reviewed the various plans and sought to determine the details, and finally confirmed the widely recognized February 18 plan.” Wang Shujuan leaked.

According to the plan of February 18, the PV on-grid price in 2019 is confirmed according to the limited total subsidy, the provincial bid, and the national queuing allocation. This also means that the indicator will be distributed nationwide and will not be sent to a province alone. index of.

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What is the total installed capacity this year? Wang Shujuan said that the latest definition of household PV is 3.5 GW installed this year, which will take up 700 million yuan. Each month, the grid company will release the cumulative PV installations for the year. After the arrival of 3.5 GW, the new projects will be stopped. The projects under construction will be connected to the grid for one month. The total scale of this year is about 4 GW. Considering that there are stock projects in 2018, it is expected that the final size of new household PV in 2019 will be around 3.6 GW.

As for the scale of industrial and commercial and ground power stations, she leaked, because the electricity price policy is the provincial bidding and then the national ranking, according to the total subsidy of 2.3 billion yuan, 1200 hours of power generation hours, 6 cents / kWh of subsidy intensity, estimated size At 32 GW.

It is worth noting that the proposed grid-connected scale (including subsidized and unsubsidized projects, excluding UHV) submitted by State Grid and South China Network in 2019 is about 32 GW.

Insiders pointed out that the delay in the PV price policy this year has already had a certain impact on the profession and the market. However, due to the surge in demand in overseas markets, the sales volume of leading PV companies in the first half of this year is still considerable, and even corporate orders have been placed in the third quarter. After the policy is clear, the domestic market will be restarted, and a new round of installed capacity is expected to usher in the second half of the year.

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