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New York plans to release the third round of renewable energy tender notice

  • Source:the Internet
  • Release on:2019-04-28
New York State Governor Andrew M. Cuomo plans to release a large-scale annual tender for the third round of large-scale renewable power projects in line with New York State Clean Power Code.

It is estimated that the renewable power generation of the bidding project will reach 1.5 million MWh per year. It is believed that more than 200,000 households will supply electricity, and together they can bring more than 1 billion US dollars of private investment, including more than 1,000 new jobs for New Yorkers. post.

This new bidding notice is alsonew YorkThe state screened the latest move promised by the 70% renewable power generation policy in 2030.


Solar power station

Governor Cuomo stated: “New York State has set an example for the third year to promote the development of large-scale renewable power projects, which will bring significant economic growth and high-paying jobs to New York State. The basis of this move is that we are developing renewable power. Resolutely promised. In response to the unprecedented challenges brought about by climate change, the State of New York has developed a bold plan, and this move is a key component of this program."

The latest bid announcement is expected to stimulate a large number of renewable power projects in New York. In the past two years, New York has signed 46 contracts for land-based power and photovoltaic projects worth $2.9 billion. These projects have brought $7 billion in direct funding to the clean power industry.

The annual power generation of these projects exceeds 7.1 million MWh, which is considered to be power supply for nearly one million homes.

Last year, New York State developed 16 new ones through a large renewable power project.Solar power stationThe newly installed capacity is 1.3GW.

Alicia Barton, Chairman and CEO of the New York State Power Research and Development Authority, said: "The project for large renewable power projects developed under the Clean Power Code is based on the power of the four largest northern cities, which provide high salaries for the local communities. Employment opportunities and economic interests have been created. In accordance with the current momentum, future projects will continue to help reduce customer costs, bring essential environmental benefits and bring us closer to the active renewable power developed by Governor Cuomo under the Green New Deal. Policy The New York State Power Research and Development Authority is committed to working with local government and community stakeholders to ensure their full participation in the development of renewable power projects, with the tools and resources to implement projects in the community in a responsible manner. ”


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