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MPPT function

  • Author:I-PANDA
  • Source:I-PANDA
  • Release on:2018-12-19
The main function of the MPPT controller is to detect the DC voltage and output current of the main circuit, calculate the output power of the solar array, and track the maximum power point. The disturbance resistor R and the MOSFET are connected in series, and the average current through the resistor is changed by changing the duty ratio of the MOSFET under the condition that the output voltage is substantially stable, thereby generating a disturbance of the current. At the same time, the output current and voltage of the photovoltaic cell will also change accordingly. By measuring the change of the output power and voltage of the photovoltaic cell before and after the disturbance, the disturbance direction of the next cycle is determined, and when the disturbance direction is correct, the output power of the solar energy panel increases. The cycle continues to perturb in the same direction, and vice versa, in the opposite direction, so that disturbances and observations are repeated to maximize the output of the solar photovoltaic panel.