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Your position: Home > News > Industry News > India plans to build solar energy near the border between China and India

India plans to build solar energy near the border between China and India

the Internet 2019-01-05 09:17:30

According to India’s Economic Times on January 2, India’s state-owned “Solar Company” said on its website that India has issued a bidding document on the 2nd, planning to build a 7.5 GW of solar energy in the turbulent Indian-controlled Kashmir region. Power generation project.

The tender is only part of a larger plan in India: India plans to build a 23 GW solar project in the Ladakh region, bordering China on the northernmost tip of the country.

According to the bidding documents, Indian solar developers will be responsible for establishing the project at their own expense, including the transmission network connected to the interconnection point.

The Indian solar company will sign a 35-year power purchase agreement with the project developer, and the project developer will receive up to 54 months to get the project up and running. The tender is also part of the goal of Indian Prime Minister Modi’s plan to build 100 GW of solar power in India by 2022.

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