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India is considering anti-dumping duties on solar glass in Malaysia

  • Source:the Internet
  • Release on:2019-01-24

According to foreign media reports, the General Administration of Trade Relief (DGTR) of India recommended anti-dumping duties on textured tempered coatings and uncoated solar glass imported from Malaysia. The proposal was originally applied for by Borosil Glass, the only solar glass producer in India.

In 2017, after Borosil filed a similar petition, tempered glass from China imposed anti-dumping duties in the range of 64.04-136.21 US dollars per metric ton.

DGTR said in a notice after the investigation: "The authorities recommend to Malaysia.Solar energyGlass imports are subject to a five-year anti-dumping duty. ”

The final decision on the collection of tariffs will be the responsibility of the Ministry of Finance.

DGTR conducted an investigation based on evidence submitted by Borosil to determine the impact of Malaysian solar glass suspected of dumping and recommended anti-dumping duties to eliminate the so-called harm to domestic manufacturers.

DGTR found that solar glass produced in India is comparable in physical properties to solar glass imported from Malaysia, both of which can be technically and commercially replaced.

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