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I-Panda establishes a care committee

  • Author:John
  • Release on:2014-06-06

In order to help employees with difficulties and needs to solve problems in life and work, and to enable each employee to grow under the care of love, the I-Panda Care Committee is specially set up.

Committee members:
Andy, Zhou Wenli, Jessica, Grace, Randy
Committee duties:
1. Love life, love work, love everything around you.
2. Have love, be responsible, and know how to care for the people around you.
3. Be able to detect different changes around you in a timely manner and take emergency measures in a timely manner.
4. Employee internal dynamics, holidays and other gifts and blessings.

Love has many expressions, a simple movement, a simple words, and a kind eyes that can express love to the fullest. Let us thrive in the environment of mutual care and meet every challenge in life!

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