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Your position: Home > News > Industry News > Europe's first solar power plant with double-sided PV modules deployed successfully in the Nethe

Europe's first solar power plant with double-sided PV modules deployed successfully in the Nethe

the Internet 2019-01-23 08:52:41

Chinese double-sided solar module manufacturerPhotovoltaic(Jolywood) announced today that it is the first utility in Europe to deploy N-type double-sided PV modules.Solar energyThe power plant Zonnepark-Riland power station has been successfully connected to the Netherlands.

The developer of the project is the Netherlands company of Operation Unisun Energy. The power station is located in Zeeland province, which has the least population in the western part of the Netherlands. A total of about 40,000 N-type high-efficiency double glass doubles are built. Surface solar modules. There is a 15 MW wind turbine generator set near the power station.

Lin Jianwei, chairman of Zhonglai Company, said that Liansheng completed the procurement of components and the construction of the power station in only four months. He also said that in view of the successful cooperation of the Dutch Zonepark-Riland project, China and Liansheng will continue to cooperate on more solar projects in Europe, with the overall goal of completing 200 MW of cooperation projects between 2019 and 2020. The next two projects in the Netherlands are the 16 MW ground installation facility at Rotterdam Airport and a 7 MW garage nearby.

These projects are all attributed to the Dutch large-scale renewable energy SDE+ program. In the first round of its 2018 program, a total of approximately 6.5 GW of PV projects were allocated, and another 3.6 GW of solar projects will be allocated in the fall. The SDE+ program compensates for the difference between the cost price of renewable energy and its market price. Only PV projects with a capacity greater than 15 kW and large-scale grid connection are eligible for SDE+ subsidies.

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