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British power grid is expected to achieve zero carbon operation in 2025

  • Source:the Internet
  • Release on:2019-04-11

The report of the British National Grid Power System Operator (ESO) states that by 2025, only the renewable power that is satisfied will be met.On-grid power generationTo meet demand, the UK's power grid will be able to “zero carbon emissions safely and reliably”.

The National Grid ESO is an independent company within the National Grid Group of the United Kingdom that relies on a combination of power from different sources to balance the system and ensure that electricity is always present when people need electricity.

In the past decade, the amount of renewable power that has been part of the overall powertrain of the grid has steadily increased. ESO director Fintan Slye said that in 2018, ESO handled many power system records, including the first time in the UK that more than 15 GW of wind power was generated, and there was no coal power supply for 72 hours.

"By 2025, ESO will change the operation of the UK power system and establish a differentiated system, products and services to ensure that the network is ready to handle 100% zero carbon," Slye made up.

"By 2025,electric powerThe zero-carbon operation of the system means a fundamental change in the way we design our systems. Integrate newer skills throughout the system, from large offshore wind power to domestically planned solar panels, and more and more demand-side parties to use the new intelligent digital system for real-time processing and control systems,” Slye said. “We trust. Promoting competition will ultimately bring better value to customers. The new products and services that we will introduce will help reduce the overall cost of the operating system, thereby reducing the cost of customers. ”

The report emphasizes that “only need to have renewable power generation, 2050 can establish a zero carbon power system, which is an important cornerstone of the complete decarbonization of the entire power system.”

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