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Your position: Home > News > Industry News > IKEA to action residential solar panels in the Netherlands

IKEA to action residential solar panels in the Netherlands

John 2014-10-28 22:24:22

Swedish appliance abundance IKEA is to action residential solar panels in the Netherlands.

In affiliation with thin-film bore architect and installer Hanergy, IKEA will action residential solar panels in its Haarlem, Netherlands store.

Dutch barter can buy solar panels from IKEA with prices starting from €3200, and an boilerplate accession amount for a 2.5kW arrangement €4400. IKEA said it is aswell to action a 15% abatement to its ‘IKEA Family’ members.

IKEA affairs to extend the availability for solar panels in its Utrecht, Netherlands abundance next month, Switzerland in December and six added countries in the future.

The amplification to the Netherlands is afterwards a acknowledged pilot in the UK which saw 1,500 systems sold. The pilot began in Southampton, UK in October endure year – and was accessible from all UK food by May 2014.

Hanergy and IKEA affirmation an accession could save €463 (54%) in electricity costs a year for barter from The Netherlands – a 10.5% acknowledgment on the antecedent investment in the aboriginal year.

IKEA said the Netherlands has a growing solar industry with top accessible acquaintance of solar energy; 88% are acquainted that solar panels abate activity bills and 70% are acquainted that solar panels still accomplish electricity if it is cloudy.

IKEA’s Netherlands sustainability manager, Lisen Wirén, said residential systems would clothing barter “who wish to reside sustainably and save activity at the aforementioned time, after too top an investment".

Hanergy Solar UK CEO, Toby Ferenczi, said: “Residential solar panels are one of the best means to abate electricity bills and can accommodate cogent anniversary savings.”

Hanergy is planning to “continue to plan with IKEA in rolling out our action in Europe afterward a acknowledged UK pilot, and are searching advanced to enabling as abounding families as accessible to save on activity costs while active added sustainably” added Ferenczi.