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Your position: Home > News > Industry News > Trina Solar break aiguille ability almanac with 335.2W module

Trina Solar break aiguille ability almanac with 335.2W module

I-Panda I-PANDA 2014-10-21 15:53:07

Module architect Trina Solar has torn the apple almanac for P-type monocrystalline silicon PV modules with a bulk of 335.2W.

The record, set by one of its Honey modules, was certified by TUV Rheinland beats the antecedent battleground of 326.3W.

The bore was developed at its accompaniment Key Lab of PV Science and Technology and was comprised of 60 156mm x 156mm cells.

Speaking to PV Tech at Solar Energy UK in Birmingham, Rishard Rushin, Trina Solar’s UK sales administrator said:

“There’s a acumen aural the industry that all modules are created equal, but they aren’t. What we charge is a bore that is accurately for the arctic hemisphere and has the appropriate characteristics.

“In our case, our acknowledgment to low ablaze betterment and accepting the appropriate achievement is to accept aboriginal of all a address cell, but aswell we texturise that cell,” explained Rushin. “When the ablaze hits it, it absorbs a greater bulk of the light.

“If you attending at the ashen response, the greatest aspect of added crop comes at the end of the day and that’s absolutely what you need, because if you’re searching at either a residential accession or a bartering installation, you charge to be searching for a artefact that is accurately aimed at those accurate markets for the arctic hemisphere,” added Rushin。

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