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Chinese PV market potential is huge

  • Author:Randy
  • Release on:2014-09-10
Does China do not have market demand? No, the Chinese PV market has great potential. Here is a set of data:

1.1GW of photovoltaic power plants is about 20 square kilometers, 1000GW about 20,000 square kilometers, just one tenth of the area of ??the Qaidam Basin. Module production capacity in China is currently 40GW, which requires the production of 25 years.

2 At present, China has 48 billion square meters building roof area, if built photovoltaic system in 10% of the roof, it will form a 500GW solar cell market.

Faced with such a large market potential, why they could not release the Chinese domestic market, manufacturers have to detour? Since 2010, the price of photovoltaic modules fell by about 50 percent, the rapid decline in the cost of photovoltaic products. Under the premise of the current PV cell efficiency and price, on the condition that domestic distributed rooftop PV systems can meet the annual electricity grid of 1200 hours, the investment rate of return IRR is 9.3%,  costs will be recovered in about 8 years. The time to open the domestic PV market is ripe.

At present, the bottleneck restricting the domestic PV market is not the cost and technology, but the policy lag. Hysteresis is reflected in policy: Grid difficult, difficult approval, settlement difficult. Since 2013, although the national level gradually introduced a series of policies for the above problem, but the actual implementation at the local level, progress is slow, policy completely landing is not optimistic.