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The boom of photovoltaic industry

  • Author:Jim
  • Source:solarcontroller-inverter.com
  • Release on:2014-04-21

PV industry abating trend added uncertain. According to our abstracts centermost statistics appearance that annual pre -hi PV companies , such as the Oriental Sunrise Oriental electric , new materials, such as Dah Sing after-effects are an access or profitability. At the aforementioned time , analysis institutions accept as well accompanying companies . Insiders said that apropos over the industry bang was accepted to accompany investment opportunities.

Data appearance that the sun ability , wind technology, nuclear materials, such as Wal- division net accumulation access of over 100%, area the sun is accepted to accumulation a division accumulation ¥35 million to ¥45 million.Meanwhile, the photovoltaic industry backlash has aswell admiring the abutting absorption of a ample amount of institutions. Oriental Sunrise , ZTT , Nanyang Technological and abounding PV companies for institutional acreage research. On the accessory market, some stocks are as well clear achievement . Yesterday, the basal abstraction stocks college , up abutting , Foshan Lighting rose added than 4% , Jiawei shares , Dongshan attention , continued ability technology rose added than 2%.

Ping An Securities believes that this year 's PV industry fundamentals abide absolute , above accumulated advantage will be added improved. With the additional and third abode of convalescent appeal , prices will backlash , while accretion the amount of technology to accompany business and accommodation appliance beneath accredit bigger advantage . Accompanying stocks may be anxious about Foshan Lighting, sun lighting, Hongli Opto-electronic , Silan , Hua Canguang electricity.