So installieren Sie ein Photovoltaik-Kraftwerk
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1. What kind of roof is suitable for the installation of photovoltaic power plants?

The most suitable for the installation of domestic photovoltaic roofs are rural villas: the roofs are in good condition and not obstructed. You can see if there are obstacles around your roof and if the lighting conditions are good. In general, flat roofs and sloping roofs are more suitable for the installation of photovoltaic power plants.

Terrace roof

On a horizontal roof, photovoltaic array can be installed in the best corner to achieve maximum energy generation; The largest advantage of installing a photovoltaic power plant on a flat roof is the thermal insulation and cooling, which can generally be cooled by 5 to 7 degrees and adopts the shape of a concrete pier + photovoltaic support. The cost of the investment is not high and the economy is relatively good.

Example 1 installation of the photovoltaic power plant on the flat roof

Example 2 on the installation of the photovoltaic power plant on the flat roof

Tilted roof
It is more beautiful to install photovoltaic power stations on the inclined roofs. Due to the large slope of the roof, rainwater is easy to download and the construction is simple and easy to repair. This type of photovoltaic center mounted on the roof is not necessary to increase the bracket and calculate the angle of inclination to install the photovoltaic power plant. During installation, it can be placed based on the angle of inclination of the roof itself and the installation capacity is not affected by the area. Due to the great slope, it can also have the effect of automatically cleaning the power plant.

Illustration 1 Installation of the photovoltaic power plant on the inclined roof

Illustration 2 Installation of the photovoltaic power plant on the inclined roof

2. Prerequisites for the installation of photovoltaic power plants

The first prerequisite is that the rights owned by the roof are clear. The construction of power plants with photovoltaic systems requires an independent use of the roof. Therefore, in rural areas with independent roofs, residents of the villa are relatively convenient to install; For multi-floor residential buildings or skyscrapers, roof roofs belong to a common area and do not belong to a single family. The owners of the entire building have the right to use together. To build a power plant, you need to get the owner's consent of the entire building, otherwise, even if it is installed, the company Grid will not connect it to the grid.

3. How great is to install a photovoltaic center on the roof of my home and how much will it cost?

According to the size of the roof area of ​​its home, the roof of the general family can be installed in 3KW-10KW domestic projects, of course, if the area is used by larger and larger power modules, larger projects can be achieved. Under normal circumstances, you can install a roof of about 10 square meters with 1kW. Adjustment of the array and the actual layout, using high-power components, can also reach 7-8 square meters to create a kilowatt.

The price and billing method of most photovoltaic power systems is based on watts. The current market price is between 3.5 yuan and 4 yuan per watt (the current increase in market prices is a serious problem, and the specific price is mainly based on the listing of local installers). Therefore, if you have a 100 square meter roof at your home, you can install a photovoltaic center of about 10kW. If it mentions a 3.5 yuan system price for Watts, you will need to invest around 35,000 yuan.

4. What are the policies for the installation of photovoltaic power plants now?

State subsidies for 20 years:

On 8 April 2021, the National Development Committee and Reforms urged opinions from the competent departments on the new 2021 energy supply tariff policy, according to draft (relative link: heavy! The National Development Committee and Reforms asked opinions On 2021 Potovoltaic Parts and Power Supply and Wind: 3-point home subsidies, no subsidy for centralized power plants at photovoltaic power, industrial and commercial photovoltaic power!), photovoltaic power for domestic use will still have a subsidy of 3 cents / degree in 2021 and be subsidized based on the generation of complete energy and will no longer be subsidized since 2022;

Local grants: In addition to the national subsidy of three cents for electricity kilowatt-hours, many provinces and cities have also introduced related photovoltaic subsidiary policies: Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Xi'an, Zhejiang Yueqing City and other cities have. Among these, Beijing introduced a photovoltaic grant policy known as the "most local tyrant", with a maximum grant of 0.4 yuan / kWh for 5 consecutive years.

5. What products should be purchased to install a set of photovoltaic power station and how to choose?

A set of photovoltaic electric power plants is composed of photovoltaic modules, controllers, inverters, grid boxes, cables, brackets and other products. Each product must be carefully selected for the brand. Therefore, if it is a photovoltaic Xiaobai, it is advisable to find a well-known local installation for the brand or the brand dealer (call the official website of the brand for consultation), from the beginning of design and installation, the team Professional will complete the installation to ensure the future generation of energy and revenue.

6. What materials are needed?

Materials and procedures necessary for the internal distributed photovoltaic grid connection 1. Application module for access to distributed power (original + 3 copies) 2. Account number of the electricity meter of the installer: Check it on the electricity bill (write it in the part Superior of the application form) 3. Power of the installer lawyer (Original + 3 copies) 4. Identity card of the manager (ie the person on the prosecutor) (original + 3 copies of the front and rear part) 5. Family registration page of the installer (original) +3 copies) 6. Install the head of the family ID card (original + 3 copies) 7. Certificate of use of the collective terrain (original + 3 copies)

Note: 1) The name of the family's head, the name on the ID card and the name on the number of meter accounts on the installation account page must be the same. If they are inconsistent (including a word, such as Wang Xianggui and Wang Xiang "GUI"), they need to go to the government above the village the unit emits a certificate with the official seal of the village and above the government at the same time;

Annex 1: Install the page of the master's account / Annex 2: Install the headphone identity card

2) If the installation program does not have a "certificate of collective soil use", it is necessary to issue a certificate and seal the government A or above the level of Township.

3) The changes are not allowed in the "Use permission of the collective terrain". If any alteration, it must be printed and confirmed by the release authority of the permission of use of the soil.

Annex 3: Certificate of use of collective terrain

4) Application form for distributed power: You need to fill in the phone number of the family or child's head.

5) The account number of the installed family meter.

Annex 4: "Application form for the distributed power supply access" / Annex 5: "Account number of the installer's electricity meter"

For those who cannot see clearly, see here. The electronic version of the request form for access to the distributed power is as follows:

a. If the installer has only a 220V meter, then you can install a system only below 8KW, if the installer has a 380V meter, can install a system above 8KW.

B. The account number on the application form for access to the distributed power: if the system is installed under 8KW, the account number of the grid must be written as the account number of the 220V grid; if the system is installed above 8KW, the account number of the grid must be written as the account number of the 380V grid, which cannot be confused. In accordance with the contrary, the grid counter cannot be associated with the account and cannot be processed.

C. If the installer has only a 220V meter and want to install a system above 8KW, the capacity must be increased first.

Attachment 6: "Power of lawyer for Installer"

Many people might think that this process is very long and will meet a lot of resistance. In accordance, don't be afraid. To carefully prepare information, many problems can be solved without intuppi.NEL 2021, while there are still subsidies, the owners who want to install Home photovoltaics should not miss this opportunity!