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Technology is the most effective tools for pv inverter market

In recent years, China's PV industry gradually recovered to pick up, but overall is still difficult to carry out. Endless shopping needs support becamethe most difficult period  for  Chinese PV companies, planting the dangerous conduct for the entire industry.

For a long period of time, the construction, the demand for photovoltaic products on national policy tilt in photovoltaic power plants is increasing, while the cost of power plant construction and manipulation is relatively low. In order to earn more profits, many companies direct purchase of raw material and then figure assembly, blindly seeking production number, regardless of the PV product seminars capital investment, lack of innovation ability, resulting in the goods themselves no contest force. Solar companies also entered into a skill so backward, only a dead and low-end goods produced.

In the industrial recovery of the environment, the number of installed domestic solar future will make progress, the domestic photovoltaic companies will face more intense competition. How out of the mall messy status quo photovoltaic products, maintaining a healthy conduct photovoltaic industry has become the face of the domestic photovoltaic companies' common questions.

In fact, the company which has carried out  the long road pursuit own the sense of continuing to carry out the production of low-end products are not the company. As long as the emphasis on the accumulation of skills and innovation, transition to a research and development ability of vendors,could be shelter in future competitions.

And how progressive innovation ability, CMIC think that PV companies need determination, and always will discuss the skills in the first place,even if face the greatest difficulty,still making money out of innovation. In addition, the government should develop a sound policy, opposing the implementation of different commodities must concessions or incentives, along with the implementation of the PV companies increasingly useful scientific oversight. In addition, establish a research team, conducting careful inspection and certification to the PV commodities , good quality levels. Untill commodity beautiful, talented company a foothold in the type of conduct Ebb Tide, China's photovoltaic industry could have a healthy and great launch.