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The new solar panels: less endothermic,higher productivity

  • Author:John
  • Release on :2014-07-29

Asan emerging green energy, solar energy is now used in our daily life and is alsoincreasing. In order to ensure the energy conversion efficiency and service lifeof the hardware, the solar panels need to maintain a relatively lowtemperature. However when working, Active cooling methods (such as the use ofventilation equipment) is not a good solution. On the one hand active coolingmode consumes energy and cost is high. On the other hand, it also interferewith solar panels effectively absorbing light.

Tosolve this problem, scientists at Stanford University recently invented a newtype of solar panel that can come through the surface reflectance infraredmicro triangular pyramid structure, self-cooling while allowing visible lightto produce more energy. Scientists say that although this solar panel is moreperfect in theory, but they also need to carry out further tests in theoutdoors. Although the technology is still in development stage, but if we caneventually commercialized, I believe there will be more beneficial in the fieldof solar technology applications.