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Australia will invest more than $ 133 million to photovoltaic system

  • Author:John
  • Release on :2014-07-30

Australia'sClean Energy Finance Corporation announced the financial support measures forlocal photovoltaic spread in Australia in July. Australian has good sunshinecondition, and has a large land to set up photovoltaic system . To takeadvantage of this favorable conditions and make it easier to control energyprices, Australia intends to build more solar power plants.

CleanEnergy Finance Corporation will invest more than 1.33 billion dollars to photovoltaicplans and projects, bringing the total investment in related top hotovoltaic tomore than $ 200 million.

Theaid measures intended to facilitate the raising of funds to build a newfinancial model. Not only is the money, but also the ower purchase agreements, andthe Leasing of photovoltaic power generation system.