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US one third solar power adding in the first half of 2014

  • Author:John
  • Release on :2014-07-26
According to the U.S. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) "Energy Infrastructure Update," the latest report shows that the first half of 2014, the U.S. utility-scale photovoltaic power plants and concentrating solar thermal (CSP) power station commissioned a total of 102, with a total installed capacity of 1.13 Kyrgyzstan watts.
The report notes that although the photovoltaic power generation in the first half fell 5%, but still accounted for 32% of new generating capacity. June, 11 a total of 40 MW of utility-scale photovoltaic power plants put into operation, which FirstWind Mass. Warren installed capacity of 14 MW PV power plant is the largest solar project of the month.
???? FERC monthly report does not include "the net metering" in residential and commercial solar systems. If photovoltaic power generation system to cover these two areas, the first half of the U.S. PV capacity is expected to nearly half of the new generating capacity.
According to the report, natural gas is still the main American soldiers new generating capacity. In the first half, natural gas production capacity of up to 1.55 GW, accounting for 44% of recording capacity. U.S. Department of Energy is expected that this trend will continue into 2040. While the agency expects photovoltaic electricity is still the second largest source, but ITC will expire at the end of 2016, when the U.S. solar industry is likely to gradually dim. FERC is expected over the next 25 years, the new U.S. annual PV installed capacity of only 1.5 GW.