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solar street lights are feasible

  • Author:John
  • Release on :2014-08-06

Due to the obvious advantages, solar street lights Will certainly move toward the real market

With the continuous development of solar power technology, solar street light is featured with environmental protection, energy saving and other advantages and becomes a new favourite urban road lighting industry. The market potential is huge. In energy efficiency, solar lights do not consume conventional electricity. The conventional street lighting electricity consumption accounted for 30% of the country's total electricity consumption lighting.

Through comparative analysis, a 400-watt conventional streetlight consumption is over 1000 degrees a year, equals to more than 400 kg of standard coal consumption. If using 1000 sets of 150-watt lighting effects to replace conventional solar street lights, it can indirectly save millions of degrees of electricity, save more than 400 tons of standard coal.

PV systems rarely malfunction when solar street light is in harsh environments and weather conditions, At present, the vast majority of the solar cell module production techniques can ensure that for more than 25 years its performance will not decrease Industry experts pointed out that with the further reduce of the cost of electricity and continues progress of solar power technology, solar street light industry will move toward real market due to its huge potential.for the solar panel, MPPT solar controller need a large quantity,it's amazing.