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"Apple" Xmas Eve of I-Panda

  • Author:Zoe
  • Source:marketing department
  • Release on :2014-12-26

Christmas Eve is the special day and the whole family is immersed in the happiness of the "Merry Xmas & amp; Happy apple day ".

 At 7:00 PM, MPPT solar controller and inverter marketing departmert began Xmas party. In the beginning, we sang Xmas songs & amp; our famous songs together, hope the songs would pass our best wishes to all of our friends.

 Next all of us get a big Apple as a gift, Xmas Eve is called "ping an ye "in Chinese, apple means" peaceful and healthy ", which is also called peaceful fruit. Apple is the special gift of I-Panda family, which brought us the best wishes for the new year.

Lucky draw is the most exciting moment, we got a wish card on the gift box We wrote down our new year wishes As long as they were drawn from the lucky draw box, I -.. Panda would help to achieve Xmas wishes.

Final activity is singing. Gorgeous Xmas colour, happy Xmas song, and bright smiling face filled the whole I-Panda family.

 Late at night, we hung up the socks and fell into the dream quietly, Santa Claus were coming and left his gifts ... Merry Xmas & Amp; Happy new year!